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I would change my Name to DJharlock seeing how my current name, cross666, was part of an old fad. I am keeping this username purely for its seniority.

Dj Harlock @Cross666

28, Male

Producer / DJ

NESCOM - (Audio Engineering)

Portsmouth NH


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For those that have followed me beyond my years back in the day on Newgrounds, they know I've moved onto bigger projects, such as being signed to several labels, and founding my own, Tight Groove Recordings.

My time spent on Newgrounds.com has slowly been on the decline since 2012, as I've been actively involved in the New England EDM scene, and now work with many affiliations to help promote and grow the true side of EDM in the United States.

If you'd like to hear what I'm up to these days on a more frequent basis you can follow my Youtube channel (over 250,000 views) , my Facebook Artist Page (1,200 fans and growing) or my Soundcloud page (over 400 followers and 25,000 views). 

Or keep an eye on my good old account on newgrounds, right here where everything began. Some of my tracks on newgrounds feature tens of thousands of listens and thousands of downloads. It was this kind of feedback and response that drove me to become the figure I am now in the EDM scene. Thanks gents.

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