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To Shadow-Striker

Evidently you still have a lesson to take away from this. Who says a story needs to have substance for it for be meaningful? This was a fictitious, albeit well-based story of the modern-day person's life. Most people live a substance-less life.. without meaning. I personally thought it was awesome that he made the connections that were seen; reflected upon reality... the foundations you lay down in your life don't necessarily end with you, (Jerry's son finally fulfill's the role his father couldn't with the old man, thus bringing closure to something most people would oversee or take for granted, that was jerry's legacy in a sense, he did connect with his father... For some people, their lives will only uphold a meaning as simple as this. Don't take it for granted.)


What a tasteless irony.

You complain that they cannot be original but you cannot seem to make a valid point without referencing one of their faults every time. Every time you tried to be humorously witty, I got the squirts form the shear overload of hypocrisy.

Aw Spike Man

Not that I dis-like your music at all but the original song was sooo much more fitting.. <3 the memoirs

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Could use a few fixes and for the love of god not linkin park... anything but and it'll hit front page I promise! Needs a few small fixes here and there but damn I was surprised to come across a nice submission so early in the day.


I was mildly surprised to see my song magically jump to #1 on NG's Audio list.

:3 thanks for the usage!

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LittleRena responds:

No problem! I liked it.

cool concept

actually a decent animation, I can see you put the effort into it so I approve

FlashyGentleman responds:

Thanks for the good vote and for everyone else likewise :3.


I don't know, at least Sega took the time to correctly spell their dialogue and remove the background from their models.

Eh Could have been better

Besides I didn't know 8-bit could be so Emo what's with all the pixel-cides?

Psst paragon... Mix battle

Mexifry responds:

Haha wow.


I see what u did thar'. Meme follower.

I like the series

I'll keep tuning in,

but take it from an avid story-writer...

Your animation skills are by far impressive... but your plot line and leniency to keep it PG is killing your series...

I'd kick up the explicitness, make it more compelling, and less the feeling of being a 4KIDS animation.

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